Food-Safe Hopper Loaders

Innovative Ways to Load Hoppers.

No more lifting heavy buckets to load hoppers! offers the best solutions for loading hoppers. Our loaders can convey a wide variety of products, from powders to beans and seeds. Our loaders are food-safe class 3A. That means they are easy to clean and meet manufacturing standards. Most of our competitors do not even offer Class 3A standards, and those that do usually are three times our price.

Vacuum Hopper Loaders

Vacuum Hopper Loaders are the industry standard for loading net-weigh and food processing machines.

Economy Hopper Loaders

Venturi powered loaders can convey most products at a lower cost. Not for powders or rates over 300 pounds per hour.

Custom Lids

Custom made lids for any hopper: lower prices, higher quality, and more options than most machine manufacturers offer.

Floor Hoppers

Floor Hoppers provide portable storage that is easily connected to pneumatic conveying systems. They empty without supervision.


Put the squeeze on materials that "Rat Hole" and Bridge causing loading failures.

Why it is better not to buy loaders from machine manufacturers!

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