Food-Safe Vacuum Loaders

Vacuum Loaders the Best Choice for Loading Hoppers

No more lifting and scooping.  Load seeds, beans, flakes, pellets, ground coffee, and other powders. We offer a full range of accessories to simplify your operation.

Josef, from Mt. Whitney Coffee compares competitive loaders.

Features that Matter!

  • Food-Safe Class 3A

    Conforms to Class 3A safety standards for food processing equipment. Corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

  • Easy to install

    Arrives in a single box. You can order a lid to match any hopper. Complete manuals and installation videos.

  • Direct Factory Support

    Direct factory support available 7 days a week.

RemoteVac Vacuum Hopper Loaders

Super Quiet!

Most competitive loaders are so loud OSHA requires ear protection. Our loaders are so quiet you may not even know when the motor runs.

Floor Level Maintenance.

You won’t need a platform to get to our motor. We have no filter in the lid for non-powder loaders. We help reduce injuries and down-time.


Our Vacuum chambers are airtight. There are no openings that allow dust to escape. We do not sandwich a filter between the lid and the chamber.

Economy Vacuum Hopper Loaders

A great solution for free-flowing materials.

Are you loading granuels or other free-flowing small materials? Our Economy Hopper Loaders are a good solutions for rates under 200 pounds per hour.

Powered by energy efficient compressed air.

The 8 port venturi provides powerful loading without an electric motor. 

Powder capable bag filter.

The Economy Hopper Loader features a 10 micron, self-cleaning, bag filter.


Custom Lids

Great prices on custom lids to match any hopper. We offer the options you need, vents, extensions, and access ports.

Brute Knocker

The perfect solution for material flow problems. Probs gently push on the side to collapse rat holes and bridging. for both filling and conveying.

Floor Hoppers

floor hoppers with capacityies from 100 to 900 pounds. We offer HDPE plastic and Stainless steel.

Buy Direct and Save!

Five Reasons not to buy from equipment manufacturers.

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