Food-Safe Hopper Loaders

Compare RemoteVac Hopper Loaders to Competitors.

RemoteVac Hopper Loaders

Competitor's Hopper Loaders

Food-Safe Class 3A

We meet the highest standard for food safety. Virtually self-cleaning, even with dusty materials.

Not - Food-Safe Class 3A

Some competitors offer food-safe options. Non-polished spun aluminum is not Food-Safe.

Super Quiet

RemoteVac Loadersare so quiet most peopple do not know when the motor is running.

Ear Pain Loud

Most competitors' loaders are so loud OSHA requires ear protection. Some offer sound reduction at additional cost, but may still mat not meet OSHA standards.

Floor-Level Maintenance

Motor and protective filter always at floor level. Conveying fine powders may require a filter in the chamber.

Motor & Filter at high level

The motor and filter are typically so high OSAH requires a portable platform for access. 

No Filter to clean in the chamber.

For non-powder conveying RemoteVac Loaders have no filter in the chamber.

Filter Requires Regular Cleaning

Customers report having to climb up to the top of the loader, remove the heavy lid, and clean the filter on a regular basis.

Motor Life, replacement cost.

RemoteVac Loader motors last a very long time due to reduced load. The standard filter has as much as 3 times the filter area than some competitors. Our motor replacement cost is under $100.

Very High Cost of Motor Replacment

Customers report motor replacement cost is nearly $1,000.

Look at the back wall to see what happens when you have a loader that leaks dust.

Some loaders have openings that allow dust to escape. That is a big problem for any user. Dust build-up over time is a serious health and safety risk.

RemoteVac Loaders are dust-tight with machined ferrules and molded gaskets.

Why it is better not to buy loaders from machine manufacturers!

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